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The film is praising the work of Frank Miller (creator of the popular comic “Sin City”). This interpretation 300 full movie of the award-winning graphic novel “300 Download” of his own, published in 1999. He talks about one of the most important moments of the Persian War II – the Battle of Thermopylae, which took place in August of 480 BC It was then that he had a key place for the Greeks return in history. 300 Spartans here under King Leonidas I stawiło in that shed stubborn resistance against 100-thousandth of an army led by the Persian King Xerxes. The heroic and full of sacrifices defense, which has this handful of soldiers, gave time returning to the capital of the Greek army, and fortified the withdrawal of the fleet, which is the same year in September, the naval battle of Salamis, smashed and a good Persian army ousted from Attica. Thus, Europe remains secure.
Sometimes it really is good to be a man. Especially if you work in Hollywood, and you have access to the latest technology. Then you realize, “300″, which is transferred to the screen dreams, dreams and fun every boy. You can become a heroic warrior, made up of the same muscles, and endowed with incredible physical fitness. In the background there is a place for beautiful women, all possible perversion and monsters alive with colorful bestiary removed. And to make it more fun, for all that you have to pay!

“300 Download” is not a historical film. It uses historical periods such as the Spartans, Xerxes and Thermopylae and converting them into a story for boys of all ages. So it was with the comic book, and it is also a picture of Zack Snyder. The director himself is probably (at least creatively) a little boy, because I know what and how to show on the screen. Visually, the picture is breathtaking. It is brutal and fast, and the whole is so crazy that he feels that the creators imagination knows no bounds.

But if someone is resistant to immature testosterone saturated images and action scenes, the film may get tired, unfortunately in 300 Download. Everything is too far-reaching. Brutality is not violent, it is too artificial to take it seriously. The characters are lacking depth – are two-dimensional figures symbolizing quite simplistic visions of humanity. A historical truth is in the movie as much as in Soviet textbooks of September 1939.

Well at least on the technical side rather little film can be faulted. Snyder and company quite efficiently use the computer-generated images, which places gives surprising results. From the actor’s film is correct. I guess no one here is set on Oscar creations. Each actor speaks his lines properly, without any major glitches. And that’s it.

But I do not have any objections to the edition DVD. Two-Disc edition is a real treat for any fan of cinema. The film is presented in 2.40:1 aspect ratio with DD 5.1 sound for both the original version, such as the teacher. Image, like the extras.

The album of the film, we have a short appendix of image formation and commentary on the “300 Download” director, script writer and operator. Boys may not belong to the greatest storytellers in the world, but give a number of interesting facts about the production. So if you’re curious, was built as a movie, you have to necessarily listen to the commentary.

The second CD is a whole bunch of extras. Among them is a wealth of analyzing the plot of the film in terms of its consistency with the historical facts. We can also learn more about the world and the cult of Spartan warrior. It is also mandatory material for the film. The album will also find plenty of webisodów, or short video clips, which were originally published on the network. They work closer set designers, costume designers, those responsible for special effects, as well as for training actors in 300 Download.

300, 4.4 out of 7 based on 23 ratings
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