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American Beauty

American Beauty Download

American Beauty Download

42-year-old Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey) is experiencing a midlife crisis. Good car, a beautiful home and decorated with style garden to enjoy it longer. No longer able to communicate with his wife, for whom the achievement of professional success is the most important. Teenage daughter, struggling adolescent frustrations, shun his company. Complete professional problems blasts him the cup of bitterness. Lester decides to change, to find meaning and joy in life. One of the opportunities for a change seems to be flirting with her friend’s daughter
Here is a video uncommon: sad and happy at the same time, ironically, full of symbols illustrate with a simple life devoid of strong emotions. Full of feelings. A film about relationships and the lack of freedom, which is entangled in each of us. Image sharp and distinct places, places of idyllic. Masterpiece, which is the subject of daily life. Life and death.

Already the first minutes of the end of betraying the audience: The main character, narrator of the story to us, a story of his life – to die. Such a procedure penalty to follow us to the end of the event, which aimed to the inevitable end. 42-year-old Lester (Kevin Spacey), father and American Beauty Download husband, he is tired of his colorless and boring existence. His wife Caroline (Annette Bening) is a type of businesswoman, for whom it’s all about career and money, and that her husband is treated as a very useful addition to the home, which sometimes can be proud of at the banquet. Jenny’s daughter (Thora Birch) is a typical teenagerAmerican Beauty Download with typical problems of his age, lost, unappreciated and open contempt for his father. Everything changes when Lester meets closest friend Jenny – Angela – and falls in love with her. It’s a strange feeling for him will be a new challenge and restore the will to live.

What is the purpose of human life? Is there a destiny that will lead us to a pre-chosen purpose without our interference? Can you see the beauty in the world around us, which is (apparently) boring and emotionless? “American Beauty” puts these questions and asks the viewer to find the answer. The film shows how broken, monotonous and emotionless life can be a seemingly perfect family. It also shows that just the family at all do not mind and silicone it to keep the American Beauty Download hypocritical, the outer shell. By the time … The enormity of the symbolic message and emphatic statements conceal the truth about life and allow you to draw many conclusions. Here, each of us is a slave: Caroline was a slave to his job and money, which in fact it limited and closed her eyes for a family. Jenny was a slave to his age, the enormity of feelings, the desire to be somebody, and a body that no matter what she wanted to change. Angela was enslaved by his own mediocrity and lack of love, as well as the underestimation and inner emptiness. However, the world’s largest slave and prisoner of his own interior was Lester: treated like trash, completely subject to his wife passed, unseeing purpose in his own life, the eternal pretense brzydzący from others that he is happy. The existence of love and a desire to help him change his own destiny and enjoy the moment – the moment the concept literally.

“American Beauty” shows the fate of a few characters, each of which represents one of the human attitudes today. We find here a man of success in the pursuit of a career, a young girl struggling with ordinary problems, a boy who wants to see the beauty in the world at any cost, even though the surrounding evil and injustice, an adult man, who frustrated by failed life and lack of love lands on family and finally destroys it completely. And Lester, the man who managed to get out of this mess, a man who, though for a brief moment of his life he felt happy. That’s creations, with which many of us can identify with and which are well-known. Rose petals, scrolling through the entire film, symbolizing love and beauty, but also the passage of time, became an icon of this work. Sam Mendes everything thoroughly refined – in the film there is no unnecessary scenes, each carries a message that is important, reveals a fact, a piece of the puzzle, provides answers to questions. The director plays with the viewer with cards at American Beauty Download the beginning of the end of cheating, but even so after seeing the film still remains a mystery.

Noteworthy is also the game Spacey, who has rightly been honored for her Oscar. Convincing, natural, perfectly matched to the role. Playing as if he understood his character, as if he created it and he did not need any guidance on this. Attracts and encourages the viewer to get to know the fascinating history. He makes Lester becomes someone close to us, trustworthy, well-known in some way. And therefore all the more interested in its history.

I think “American Beauty Download” deserves to be called a masterpiece – excellent acting, the presentation of the events, the symbolic message of the veil simple and seemingly banal stories, music and literally punching the seat after the screening. Film sensitive to people American Beauty Full Movie who can see the beauty in a dead pigeon or lifting a plastic bag in the wind. But also for all those who appreciate the ambitious cinema. I would recommend.

American Beauty, 6.0 out of 7 based on 3 ratings
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