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Braveheart Download

Braveheart Download

At the end of the thirteenth century Scotland gets under the rule of the English King, Edward I. seizure of power takes place in an extremely violent circumstances in braveheart full movie. One of the witnesses to rape and murder a teenage boy, William Wallace. After years under the care of an adult uncle William back to his home village. One of the first people he meets is Murron – friend from childhood. The old feeling turns into a great and sincere love. Unfortunately, she will soon die at the hands of British soldiers. This event becomes a turning point in the life of a young Scot. William decides to fight for the daring of the occupier and the daring attack an enemy stronghold wins. With great courage is the leader of the innocent victims uprising against British tyranny.
Is it the person who asked about “Braveheart Download” answer, “I have not seen / shred the film”? I dare say that this spotkałoby my great surprise, but at the same time would give me a huge range of possibilities. I’ve seen this movie a dozen times and I have to admit that I do not blame you and people like me. In my humble opinion, this item is and will be a model to create adventure and historical production. Mel Gibson has proven this work (I’m not afraid to call him that), he has a talent director. Set about creating a story about William Wallesie – Scotland’s national hero. As a result, we see a story that goes back to its roots classics such as “Cleopatra,” “Ben Hur” and “Qvo Vadis” (of course, that of 1951, not a national piece of junk).

The film is set in the thirteenth century, when the Scots were fighting in Braveheart Download for their independence. It was William Wallace, after the death of his wife (in a barbaric way of life devoid of the English knights), it becomes a fierce opponent of “herbaciarzy” and also the hero of the Scottish nation.

The simple combination of Gibson’s, a true story + picture + threads of love battle proved to be an effective way to succeed. The director also put into doubt the difficult role perfectly and William fell in the least convincing.

In “Braveheart” should not be seen as a historical work, as we can see there a lot of shortcomings (eg, in fact, the nickname “Braveheart Download” Robert de Bruce was wearing). Pillar of the film are just the major historical events, the rest of Gibson cleverly chose according to their director’s vision.

Of particular note are the battle scenes, which is what Tiggers like best. Clash of arms, the voice of the agony of dying horses, the sounds of shots – all this makes us feel martial fervor, fascinated by the spectacle involuntarily move on the battlefield. Even drugoplanowi actors play their roles extremely true. Almost unnoticed in the background are duels with rubber weapons, or black pants instead of a bare ass Gibson, as befits a medieval Scot in Braveheart Download.

I must admit that this is a film that was one of the few forces you to shedding a tear. I think that is very close to our Polish nation image that Gibson reveals in the film – doomed hero, fighting not only the enemy, but also with allies, the fight for independence – that’s why we Poles (very patriotic people), so it is easy to “caught up” in what is happening on the screen.

Created a great movie, which he wants to come back, which is recommended for all, and the time that we spent at his watch, Braveheart Download he never called wasted (even if we see him again, “nasty”).

Braveheart, 5.4 out of 7 based on 12 ratings
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