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Bruce Almighty Download

Bruce Almighty Download

Bruce Nolan (Carrey) is a local television reporter in Buffalo. Very popular, has a lovely girlfriend (Jennifer Aniston, “the only one”), however, does not believe that fate has treated him fairly. So, after the worst day of his life, Bruce Almighty Full Movie defies God, accusing Him that ruined his life, and that he can not quite manage the universe. God (Morgan Freeman, “Seven”), heard the desperate cries of Bruce, is responsible … and gives him the power that he has, trying to see if Bruce would be better than him!
What would you do if one day they were endowed with divine power? Could affect the fate of other people, to fulfill your deepest dreams, in a moment become a billionaire, a movie star, or the most influential person on Earth. The chances receives Bruce Nolan, a hero of the new comedy starring Jim Carrey called “Bruce Almighty Download.”

Bruce is an employee of the title a small TV station in the town of Buffalo, specializing in funny and not always serious reportage, for example, which is the subject of the largest baking cakes. Nolan, however, does not feel happy in his profession. He believes that he can do the most, and his dream is to work as a leading local news edition. Unfortunately, supervisors Bruce coveted job offer another journalist. Devastated Nolan comes to the conclusion that God is picking on him and bluntly Reclaiming what he thinks about it. To his surprise, the Almighty responds to his call. What’s more, during a meeting with Bruce God decides to give our in Bruce Almighty Download hero the divine power to the hard could see what it means to keep order in the world.

In “Bruce Almighty Download” I went without great expectations and especially I must admit I did not go out of the theater disappointed. Although comedy is predictable, the American with the message (“people too often look up forgetting that they themselves have the power”), but still funny. The authors thankfully not realized the movie about superhero gifted with incredible powers who tries to save the world, but a mere man, to whom God’s power enables the realization of all, even the most selfish dreams. Bruce uses his gift so the bride breast enlarging, causing a sudden gust of wind that rolls up next to the girl’s dress, passing, and finally to to fulfill his dream – to be a presenter. Is it not retain the majority of us?
Although the “Bruce Almighty” as a rule, based on the hackneyed and good jokes in it were some witty jokes to entertain even the most Grim. The scene in which God shows our hero to his rap sheet, parting the tomato soup, finding the remains of Jimmy Hoffa, and answering the prayers by mail ( are pieces that I find most amusing.
The film was also trivial sequence in which Bruce wanting to embarrass its rival Evan tells him to be a fool in front of the camera. It is not perhaps the wisest, but certainly irresistibly funny.

It is a pity that the writers did not wysilili and did not create interesting supporting characters. “Bruce Almighty” is virtually a one-man movie – Carrey and other contractors serve only as a backdrop for his comic performances. As a result, many of the actors did not even get a chance to show what they can do. Jennifer Aniston, who portrays Bruce bride, and Catherine Bell, who portrays a journalist wishing to seduce him, just on the screen. And nothing else. Too bad, because Jim Carrey even though the film is funny, after a while it becomes tiresome, and the mines are no longer amuse us, and begin to irritate in Bruce Almighty Download.
The biggest star of the film for me, however, Morgan Freeman, who plays the character of God. In my opinion it is the best of the Almighty starred in what I saw on the screen, and I hope that if there is a God that looks and behaves just like Freeman. icon smile Bruce Almighty

Bruce Almighty, 5.5 out of 7 based on 4 ratings
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