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General Maximus – the right hand of the Emperor, a happy husband and father in a moment loses everything. As a slave-gladiator in the arena must fight for survival.
General Maximus, one of the greatest leaders in the Roman army, he learns that the dying emperor Marcus Aurelius wants to make him his successor on the throne. I do not like is the rightful heir to, Kommodusowi who decides to get rid of a rival and condemned him to death with his family. Maximus miraculously manages to escape. Goes into slavery, gladiator download where he is trained as a gladiator. The battle to fight is gaining popularity, and his performances started to come more and more people. Maximus the gladiator returned to Rome to avenge their loved ones, but he knows that the only power greater than the power of the emperor is the will of the people and, therefore, to take revenge, he must become the greatest hero of the Empire.
“Gladiator” Ridley Scott is next “Mission Impossible 2″ one of the most anticipated films of the summer. Already a few months before the release of viewers around the world can watch previews and documentaries exposing the secrets of the implementation of the image, which showed that “Gladiator” is the undisputed highlight film of the year. On the Polish premiere of picture ran in many movie theaters and on the pages of tickets Filmwebu discussion started about whether Scott’s film is a great work of art, or a big piece of junk

The film is set at the end of the second century of our era. Ailing Emperor Marcus Aurelius wants to make the heir of General Maximus, one of the greatest Roman generals. He learns about Caesar’s son Commodus, who did not want to prevent the seizure of power by General kills his father and Maximus with his family condemned to death. Maximus miraculously manages to escape, but Commodus henchmen kill his family and burn his property. Unconscious General is captured and sold to gladiator school. The rapid pace begins to have a career on gladiator download the stage, and finally goes to the Olympic Games in Rome, under the aegis of Commodus. Maximus fervent desire for revenge will do anything to avenge the death of his wife and son

From this brief summary it is clear that “Gladiator” is a film analyzing the fall of the Roman Empire, or showing the mechanisms of power of ancient emperors, and the only image of adventure and as such should be evaluated

I must admit that the “Gladiator” chose to be full of fear that I will have an expensive watch another movie, which will be the main element of the special effects. Fortunately sorely disappointed. “Gladiator” is an excellent film that provides 155 minutes excellent entertainment. The scenario is interesting and it really is hard to fault him. Many people have said that it is shallow and trivial, but let’s not forget that we are dealing with this purely entertaining, which is designed to provide us with just good fun. The only thing that I personally did not like the script, “Gladiator” is awful “American” explanation of the reasons which contributed to the fact that Commodus is a bad man. Well, according to the authors son Aurelius is plagued by monstrous complexes, because I never was able to meet his father. Gladiator download sounds a bit naive, and I think maybe a lot of people hurt. The final scene (I will not say what’s it all about, so as not to give away the end of those who have not seen the film) is quite acceptable, provided that all the time remember that we are dealing with a film and not a historical adventure

So much for the script. They will not devote much space to it, because it is really good and does not make sense any longer to dwell on it

Deserves the highest praise Ridley Scott, who once again proved that he is a great director. “Gladiator” is watching with bated breath, and 155 minutes of projection passes almost unnoticed. The film is filled with action from the very beginning to the last minute session. It starts perfectly shown in the battle in Germania and ends no less spectacular duel, and it was the fight scenes are what attracted me the most delight. Scott did not show them in a way known to American blockbusters from previous years in which the battle was filmed on the “episodes” – first shown one part of the battle, then the other, and the audience had time to carefully examine each other everything. Here it is not. Shots vary haste and often eye is not able to keep up with the image being shown. In this way the director has managed to present a real chaos that is a battle, and fighting gladiators, where there are no rules and only has the speed and physical fitness

Also deserve praise enactors main roles. Russell Crowe as Maximus has created one of the best performances in his career. Maximus in his performance this tough and steadfast soldier, but his family loving father and husband, which is more on the “Wojaczek” translates into peace of hearth and home. His opponent Commodus, played by Joaquin Phoenix, a madman and a tyrant who is capable of the greatest wickedness as long to reach your goal. I must admit that Phoenix very gladiator download well in the role of villain. Looking at him, not for a moment doubt that we are dealing with a man ready for anything. His every gesture, a smile, a look, everything is lined with some inner evil which can not be overlooked

Every lover of movies certainly notice will draw attention to two actors of the older generation, who in “Gladiator” have created a perfect creations – Oliver Reed as Proximo (unfortunately the last role of the actor, who died during filming) and Richard Harris in the role of Marcus Aurelius.
There is no way though does not mention the great music, the author is Hans Zimmer. I’m pretty sure that he gets her an Oscar nomination

“Gladiator” is a very good movie. It is well realized from both the technical and narrative, and should appeal to even the most fastidious audience, provided that they will remember that picture watching adventure, not a documentary about the last years of the Roman Empire.

Gladiator, 5.4 out of 7 based on 30 ratings
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