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Lord of War Download

Lord of War Download

One weapon falls to 12 people on the planet. The only question is. How to arm the other 11? “The only worry you life and death. Yuri Orlov (Nicolas Cage) is an arms dealer, a step-by-step climb to the” armed Olympus. “Who is not interested in selling, often both parties to the conflict. Newest most profitable draws cooperating with bloody dictatorships in Africa lord of war download. The loosening of business helps him brother (Jared Leto). comes a time, however, in which Yuri has to make a choice: family (comely wife and son), or way of life to which he was used: often full of risk and stress, but also a very high level, surrounded by beautiful women. choice is not easy, especially that for every one must bear a high price.

Who does not dream of wealth? I think there are no such people. It is no different with Yuri Orlov (Nicolas Cage) – Ukrainian origin, and is now a U.S. citizen. He has a knack for the trade, but rather a specific commodity weapons in lord of war download. With natural talent and family connections (uncle general) is quickly becoming one of the most respected and best-paid salespeople weapons. His dreams come true, thanks to the cunning wins woman of your dreams, be it an apartment, a limousine. Gradually, however, notes cons of such a life, my brother has a drug problem, he has to live a lie in relation to his parents, his wife and son.

The title master of life and death is none other than an arms dealer, a man who sold guns, revolvers, and even tanks determines which side of the conflict will have an advantage, who would die and who would live a little lord of war download. Yuri Orlov (Nicolas Cage) is a powerful man. The Ukrainian-born Jews on the basis of false documents he got to America, where he now, like an exemplary citizen of the United States, performs his “American dream”. He dreamed of wealth and figured out that nothing brings perks such as trafficking in arms. His partner is the younger brother Vitaly (Jared Leto). Business is great, but this work also has a bad side – continuous stress and the need to hide it from his family – wife Ava (Bridget Moynahan) and her son. New opportunities open up for Yuri after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In Ukraine are waiting for him unattended by anyone tons of military equipment and uncle – General of the Ukrainian army. Bring him unimaginable profits illegal contacts with African dictators, rebels and guerrillas.

The worldwide turnover is over 550 million. weapons. What twelfth man on Earth has a gun. The question we ask ourselves, our hero is how to arm the other 11? It is the Yuri Orlov, who together with his family pretending to be Jews emigrated from Ukraine. When a witness to the murder at the request of the Mafia realizes that his vocation is to trade in arms, and not on a small scale. I want to make a weapon during the various wars. The company draws his younger brother Vitaly. Yuri is not interested in anything but money, selling weapons to anyone who will pay, even if they are opposite sides of a conflict. The only army which is not supplied to the Salvation Army, did not sell the weapons Bin Laden and it is only because they did not pay. In the mid-80′s, already supplies weapons in 8 out of 10 global conflicts. Also traded drug boss. Here currency exchange for drugs lord of war download. Unfortunately Vitaly from them addictive. After placing his brother in rehab facility begins to operate alone. However, and Yuri has a weakness, it is Ava. To impress her spends almost all his money. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Cold War, Yuri in 1992. back to Odessa. Here is doing great business in the arms of the Ukrainian stock. At that time also falls into conflict with another great arms dealer Simeon Weisz. Doing business with his uncle, Army General of Ukraine is seen as the one dies in it will be a trap prepared for him, in his own car. After that comes the interest in Africa, with particular emphasis on Liberia and its capital Monrovia. Orlov becomes a threat to competition, and to make matters worse when it heels of tireless Valentin Interpol at the helm.

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