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Requiem for a Dream Download

Requiem for a Dream Download

The story of four friends, for which drugs are an escape from the reality around them.
Shocking story of four heroes from Brooklyn, who in the pursuit of the realization of your dreams take a journey into the hell of addiction. Escape from reality ends for distributing drugs Harry’s addicted to slimming pills mother, Sarah, wrapped in addiction girlfriend, Marion, requiem for a dream Download and his best friend, a tragedy. Each of them, unable to cope with the chaos of the modern world around them, fall into drug addiction, sweets or television. Requiem for a Dream is a hypnotic tale of longing for love, living in an illusion, a lie, and the phenomenon of addiction.
“After watching this film you will not be the same person” (Sight & Sound) – the shortest sentence best describes the power and excitement it brings Darren Aronofsky’s latest film “Requiem for a Dream”. I’ve seen a few images that shock and change the way you look at the world, but what really served to Aronofsky mixed in my head. Picture of a young director’s vision of the fall to the bottom of people affected by addiction and it really does not matter what the addiction. Victims of addiction, be it drugs or television, as in the case of the characters, or alcohol or sex, moving in one direction, the slippery slope to the bottom. The main characters of the film are TV Maniac Sara Goldfarb (Ellen Burstyn), her son Harry (Jared Leto), his girlfriend Marion (Jennifer Conelly) and their friend Tyrone (Marlon Wayans). But it is not these people are the main characters, the hero is their habit.
Harry and Tyrone narcotic stand at the threshold of the road, smoking joints, sniff cocaine (?), Inject heroin (?), Just for fun experimenting with psychoactive substances. They decide to make it on drugs. Ashes to be their key to success. In the beginning is the case. Considerable sum of money set aside guys and the way they live and play. Harry is planning a future together with Marion, who wants to open a clothes shop with your own design and own production. When Tyrone has narkomanskiej advance in the hierarchy of a gang war breaks out Tyrone is arrested. All deferred money goes to bail. The city does not have the goods. And it turns out that both friends and Marion need …

Harry’s mother, a woman alone, passionately and passions watch television. One day he gets an application that will, after completing her experience on television .. After sending the document Sara tries to fit in your most elegant dress to be able to experience it on TV. Unfortunately, the years have done their and Sarah must use the diet to be able to fit into clothes. As it turns out diet is a huge challenge for her, everything I look takes the form of food. When he learns that in the vicinity of a clinic that treats overweight pharmacologically, decides to try this method. It turns out that the measures prescribed by the doctor is psychotropy, namely speed (amphetamines?). Sara is her son, a drug addict, but are not aware of it.
We all fall into the habit that leads each of the protagonists to destruction. Form differs only way began their “adventure” of the ashes, a further way to all look the same.

On drugs is quite fashionable lately, but no one was able to show the phenomenon in such a suggestive manner. It is unlikely that the director shows how brilliant the whole process of the fall, the fun, the next phase of addiction ever deeper into a total immersion in the depths of addiction. Aronofsky draws attention to the devastating effects of addiction, whatever it was. When our behavior begins to direct the addiction we lose the desire to meet humanity. Get lost somewhere in the integrity of our personality, we become incapacitated. And it really does not matter a measure that is causing this. Important is the same state in which we are not fully able to manage his own investigation, in which we will do everything to satisfy our addiction. Each habit carries a risk, because we receive a piece of ourselves, taking control of our lives.

Aronofsky’s picture is the most terrifying vision of addiction that I was able to see in the cinema. Addiction becomes life heroes. We all have a fixed idea that causes destruction in addiction and the apocalyptic vision of the director shows a progressive, causing loneliness sink in addiction. Outside the mental aspect is also a physical collapse. We see how, after all, physically attractive characters lead to disaster, prostitution, prison, illness.
Struck me the form in which the director shows the growing gap between Marion and Harry. Joint plans for the future turned into joint ćpanie. There is nothing more. Remember the “Trainspotting” and its nice and funny junkies? Boyle warned against zgubnością addiction, but also amused and entertained. Aronofsky leaves no doubt, there is nothing funny about being a victim of addiction. Not for a moment I had no illusions about his message, the characters vividly reveals the tragedy of “landscape before and after the battle,” in which there are no winners. Are only ruins and rubble.
Requiem for a Dream Download for a Dream is a musical farewell song, death. The title of the movie “Requiem for a Dream,” Aronofsky can read. First of all – literally, Sara szprycująca the ashes can not sleep, her world is intertwined with sleepless reality and vision caused by drugs and lack of sleep. Secondly – even literally, the word we translate as a dream in a dream. This film is a depiction of a world where dreams do not have the right to be fulfilled. After all, there is no question of the realization of a dream we strive to measures to create an unreal world, relegating the reality, not letting her forehead face. Third – the title of this can be seen as a metaphor for the collapse of an American myth, namely the “American Dream”, which references the possibility of success in life by everyone.

After the first film, Darren Aronofsky does not belong to the fans of his work. An experimental form of shooting and nervous, dynamic assembly of “Pi” is not to my liking. However, the visual image that was something intriguing and fell into my memory. However, Requiem for a Dream Download shook me to the quick, the amazing atmosphere of the movie, the symbolism of images (in very short scenes – flashach, shown taking drug’ów and inclusion of Sarah’s reception – really unlikely combination) and the realism of the hell to which a person gradually follow the drama. The director used in a novel way proven means and methods of building the mood. Very quick assembly, split-screen, digital special effects, mixed media image makes its suggestiveness shocking image, making us feel crammed in the seat.
The attractiveness of this film are also of great importance exceptional performances. Ellen Burstyn led his role as the game that best defines the word – brilliant. If any of you ever seen someone naspeedowanego difficult for him to believe that Burstyn game without being really stoned. Hats off for the actress and Oscar. The other actors also created memorable roles. Aronofsky completes the whole works great music Clint Mansell and the Kronos Quartet group, the closest climate Nyman achievements, all the while holding in suspense, building the mood of the fall and underlining the dramatic action.

Valuable cinema, providing food for thought and reflection Requiem for a Dream Download, and at the same time innovative and attractive in its form. If art is the way Aronofsky was going in this direction is also a chance for film directing komercyjnego.Wszak on another film about the adventures of Batman. I think it will be a very dark show.

Requiem for a Dream, 6.7 out of 7 based on 3 ratings
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