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The Butterfly Effect Download

The Butterfly Effect Download

Evan Treborn (Ashton Kutcher) been through a lot as a child. Denied, however, the memory of unpleasant events. The child was under the care of a psychiatrist, who encouraged him to keep a diary in which he had to write in detail every day of your life. Now, as a college student, Evan reading his journal, inexplicably moves in time to the past. Journal, which keeps under the bed, turns to be a time machine and a chance to recreate a childhood memory. But the memories of youth tend to be very unpleasant The Butterfly Effect Download and Evan realize how much harm done to their friends. To repair the mistakes of the past, Evan moves in times of his childhood. He wants to rewrite history in his diary, and thus protect friends. He hopes that by changing the past, it will change the future. Every time you change something, it returns to the present, to see the effects of their actions. The problem is that his efforts to produce different effects.
“The Butterfly Effect”, although it has become one of the biggest hits of the year turnout is certainly a huge title arouses emotions. Only on Filmwebie almost 2.5 thousand people decided to give this film my voice, and video forum is full of extreme expression moviegoers who “The Butterfly Effect” loved or hated. If you have not seen The Butterfly Effect Full Movie the video, you can now catch the word oversight, because the film was released on video and DVD.

The protagonist is a psychology student Evan Treborn who discovers he has a unique gift that allows him in The Butterfly Effect Download to travel back in time and fix your mistakes of the past. When it turns out that his childhood love is suicide, Evan goes back in time, trying to prevent the tragedy. A small change causes an avalanche of events, the consequences of which the main character can not predict …

Cinema movie reviews you can read above, so I will focus in my text only DVD release, which I had the pleasure to watch.
“The Butterfly Effect” is published in full Polish language, which means that in our native language translated not only the movie but also all the extras and even a menu., We can see the image of the sound in DTS ES or DD 5.1 (original path + Polish teacher). course, you can also watch the movie with subtitles.

In addition to supplements cinematic trailer and two TV spots promoting the film (with subtitles) can be found, inter alia, a comprehensive material entitled “Making of film.” In this document, the writers and directors J. Mackye Gruber and Eric Brass will tell the story of the creation of the image – from the birth of an idea to write the final version of the script. About the project work plan and tell the producer Chris Bender, cinematographer Matthew F. Leonetti The Butterfly Effect Download and enactors of the main roles of Ashton Kutcher and Eric Stolz.
Material “Special Effects” is dedicated, of course, the special effects used in the movie “The Butterfly Effect”. Interestingly, the image, due to the low budget, was originally planned as a project completely devoid of special effects, but the producers felt that talking about time travel simply can not be avoided. From the authors of digital animation, we will learn how scenes were created showing the time travel, the memories returned with great speed into the mind of Evan, explosion mailbox, or sequences in which one of the characters appear without arms.

Extremely interesting is the addition entitled “Scientific and psychological aspects of the theory of chaos. ‘If you do not know, the film’s title is a direct reference to the theory that believed that” butterfly disturbing the air today in Peking can transform storm systems next month in New York. “That supplement is a collection of statements and explanatory research commenters chaos theory.

A list of additional materials close “Cut Scene”, the gallery sequences that do not appear in the final film. There are a total of nine, and we can also watch them with commentary directors. Scenes do not bring too much new to film, but it is worth paying attention to this add-on, as we find in the The Butterfly Effect Download two alternative versions of the end of “cute” and “happy ending” as directors talk about them. Unfortunately, we do not find there’s directorial end of the film, which was published in the U.S., a special edition of “InfiniFilm”. It is a pity, because it is drastically different from what we see on the screen and, according to many viewers is even better than the original.

With a clear conscience recommend reach the “Butterfly Effect.” Film, whose main asset is the original script, even if you do not like it, certainly not leave you indifferent and will encourage discussion. Above the purchase I wondered, but well worth the rent.

The Butterfly Effect, 5.0 out of 7 based on 2 ratings
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