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The Lion King Download

The Lion King Download

The film tells the story of Simba, a young lion, which – charged with manslaughter of his father, the king of Pride Rock – is sentenced to exile. Power in the kingdom includes Scar, brother of the deceased ruler. It takes several years. One day, Simba meets old friend, from whom he learns that the kingdom is in decline. The young heir to the throne decides to return to their former homeland and taken to regain the throne of his deceit in The Lion King Full Movie.
The legend is back. To earn even more. Fortunately, not one of the weak sequels, which destroys the Disney studio for years for children’s tastes. “The Lion King” lived to see two of these follow-up, but now, after 17 years of his second chance in theaters gets the original movie in 1994 – but transferred to the 3D format. Unlike refreshed “Toy Story”, the workshop went drawn animation, but still not quite a classic. In the 90s Disney productions were an aesthetic The Lion King Download phenomenon as “Avatar”, including effects pioneered by the computer used. The famous sequence of animal momentum created by the use of three-dimensional graphics, only pocieniowanej so as to pretend classical drawing. Computer work can be seen also in the way in which the combined individual plans to achieve the effect of the vast African locations. All this elaborate robot can gain additional colors in 3D, but it’s hard to compete with the achievements of modern digital wizards. All the more so since the early 90s (When the film went into production), changed not only the art of animation.

At the stage of development of the script, not without reason, determined by “The Lion King” as a combination of the story of Bambi and Hamlet jelonku. Considering the fact that this product family, the project was bold for its time – the creators undertook about betrayal, responsibility and cyclical nature of life (this is probably the first Disney film, which shows the death of one of the main characters). This approach has contributed to the enormous success at the box-offisie and sell The Lion King Download over 50 million copies of the film for portable media. “The Lion King” is the peak of the Renaissance, which survived the Disney studio in the 90s The next decade was to bring only disappointment.

To a large extent this triumph by a hit soundtrack, because according to the philosophy of the study show was conceived largely as a musical. The songs reflect the greater part of the story, which makes it not a particularly in-depth. This of course affects the characteristics of the characters. When more remember the feeling of the past session than the movie itself, it’s easy to forget that this “epic” story takes barely 80 minutes. There is so much time to develop the characters and measure the The Lion King Download dramas, which makes no sense relied on the words of catchy songs. So there is no lack of drama abbreviations and simplifications.

Sinister and cunning Scar, whenever appropriate, provides textbook examples imbecylizmu. A Simba in the adult form seems to be as immature as a child and I really do not know why the animals under his rule would be better than under the heavy paw uncle. The youngest viewers, receiving more wrażeniowo film, you probably will not be precipitated with rhythm. But heroes do not Pixar us today such numbers. “The Lion King” is still a piece of cinema history and impressive spectacle, but who The Lion King Download since 1994 has seen the animation, this and that, you may regret returning to Africa. Nostalgic trip on its own.

The Lion King, 5.0 out of 7 based on 4 ratings
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