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The Sixth Sense Download

The Sixth Sense Download

Home living in Philadelphia psychiatrist dr. Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis) and his wife Anna (Olivia Williams) breaks mentally unstable patient Vincent Gray (Donnie Wahlberg), who accused the doctor about it, he could not help him. Shoots him, then takes his own life … Malcolm is slowly recovering from the attempt on his life. His attention is drawn case Seara Cole (Haley Joel Osment), an eight-alone son brought up by his mother, Lynn (Toni Collette). Cole highly for his age developed, is obsessed with toy soldiers and suffers from parental divorce. To his surprise, Malcolm discovers that the boy possesses so. “sixth sense”, can imagine what happened in that place many years ago, and he sees and hears dead.
What is the chance that those who have passed away, paid off his debt?
The only chance is still the same imperfect love.
Let us hurry to love people so quickly
go / be followed by shoes and telephone deaf love is still too little and always too late
Father row has become so popular that there is even a street posters. Overgrown comments that are generally consistent: the despair described in the row is despair of those who remained. Living and abandoned.
And the latter? Those who have passed away? Do you also are desperate? Do you want to start a deaf phone? That is what “The Sixth Sense Download”.
At the beginning we see attempted murder: a doctor-psychiatrist is shot by a former patient. Later, a doctor, shocked by the attack, he decides to take the case ten year old boy, whose ailment like illness assassin. And then they discover the essence of this affliction: a ten-year Cole has psychic abilities, establish contacts with people who are no longer alive.
American cinema genre usually comply with the rules. With what species we have here? Back suggests that this thriller, continued – the horror film. And finally, it appears that the film is a tragedy death. Cole sees the dead, hear their voices. He begins to understand what death is for someone who no longer live.
So what? What is the world of people who do not live? First of all, it is a world without the sun. And the world is a slightly distorted as if seen through the thick glass. Images of deep perspective here are strangely flat. Further observations are revealed only after some time. Here the dead do not seem to know they’re dead the sixth sense download.
How is this possible? The film suggests that people are experiencing at the moment of death, a shock similar to that which people experience in a road accident. Man hit by car remembers the moment of entry into strips, then see a doctor bent. That’s what happened just before disappearing into oblivion. Dead reacted similarly. Maybe it proves that you do not want to accept the fact of his own death, just as he does not want to acknowledge the fact that he lost his job. Feverish activity comes from a desire to prove to myself that, no death can not be said. But the truth comes out – and it is precisely this most difficult time. The experience of death is the most overwhelming, the most bitter, dark.
And yet, in this time of darkness there is a spark of light. Feverish activity of the people who died doing a special dimension. Cole sees the ten-year, but it is not all, come only a few. Why them, and not the millions of others? It’s simple: come to those who seek help, who have neglected something, something forgotten who think that they have to pay off some debt. They cry out for help.
The call is always loud and desperate. But sometimes different, because there are different outstanding debts. It is, for example, a woman in the kitchen who washes dishes, suddenly turns to the boy’s face is bloodied. Yelling at ColeŐa as if he were her husband. Maybe that’s the man robbed her life? For women the repayment of debt – mainly retribution for harm.
And this is the girl that hurt stepmother. She also cries out for help, but in order to take revenge, she wants to warn his sister and his father. Cole will help the girl, does not help the woman. She could help herself, had changed the motivation scream. Had resigned from hatred. But it is not capable of this.
And finally the scene – perhaps – key: dead man the sixth sense download visits his wife in his sleep. He hears a complaint from her lips: why have you forsaken me? A woman has doubts as to whether the deceased husband really loved her. Perhaps it was he who “loved not enough and always too late.” And yet it receives here its chance

So you can see in this video the situation of those who left and those who stayed. Both commit the same mistakes. This is a cursed human nature: we are next to each other close person, it seems that it will be forever, so treat him leniently. This is followed by the forced separation. Those who have passed away, are sometimes worse than those who were. What is the chance to repay your debt, repair the harm? It turns out that the opportunity is still the same imperfect love. And she is the only spark in the dark

Is the movie “The Sixth Sense” improves the poetry of John Twardowski? No, not at all. The priest-poet knew all this before. And it’s that love is sometimes poor. And the fact that despite its kiepskości is more precious than all the other things that supposedly have. And finally, that in the final analysis, the sixth sense download however, come to loving her. He wrote it in the “Immediate and distant”:
You see there are those who love and they must meet in order to get past near and distant as if standing in the mirror, you can even get lost, but on the other side our paths converge cut back.

The Sixth Sense, 5.1 out of 7 based on 9 ratings
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