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On a sunny April day in 1912, on the coast of the English aristocratic family with 17-year-old Rose (Kate Winslet) are taken on board the Titanic, on a trip to the United States. Half an hour later, playing poker in a cheap bar harbor 23-year-old Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) wins a fluke third class ticket on a cruise Titanic. At the last moment before the ship sails runs on the board. So begins a great love story that would change life beautiful, rich, but unhappy Rose and the poor, not having nothing but talent painter Jack.
Titanic raises anchor again. Pistons are working, steam gushes, the orchestra plays, Leo stands on the bow and exclaims that he is king of the world. Moved in James Cameron’s film trójwymiar better highlights what fascinated in the history of the ill-fated Canadian cruise. Meticulously restored architecture of the ship is another manifestation of the fetishistic, even awe for various fruits of technological progress.

The camera, which set in motion Cameron on the set of “Titanic”, never feels as good as in the company of an impersonal crowd, filling the engine sultry, smoky parlors, baroque dressed cabin below decks occupied by the poor and the great ball rooms. 3D effects, but they can not compare with “Avatar,” or even “Hugh and his invention” are as ornate ribbon entangling each element of scenery – the elapsed time for the inevitable destruction of the clock, in which the hero stares, the brass helm, the which at a critical moment the sailors panicked hands clench, and silted, crumbling before our eyes sunken documents safe. On the crucial question – is it worth it again to board the “Titanic”? – The answer is so obvious: worth it, if only to “touch” the said invoices and explore these shapes; stroll zadymionymi halls and lift the engine from the deck of a piece of the iceberg.

“Titanic” is from today’s perspective more interesting film than the imperfect memory of a great love. When Cameron took place in Hollywood, Spielberg as a tribune of the audience of millions, perhaps started going to compromise, but the intelligence he did not disappeared. Being aware of the irreversible conventionalization melodramatic genre, put in his film a contemporary frame. Not without reason the story of the feelings that have joined Jack (DiCaprio) and Rose (Winslet), we learn from the last paragraph in the prologue and epilogue of the work – now age old ladies. And in keeping with the maxim that nostalgia is a filter smoothing the edges of the past, all of its story can be seen as a version of the events, podkoloryzowaną. Thick line sketched a ship mooring lines and sweeping metaphors confirm this interpretation: every experience seems to be in her memories of the border experience, and every feeling – a feeling of extreme. Among the characters populate this exaggerated reality to the fore: the artist-sharp-vagabond boyfriend Jack and Rose, jealous and domineering Cal Hockley (Billy Zane perfectly cast).

Almost all of Cameron’s films talk about the triumph of the human need, and encoded in our genes survival instinct. In “Aliens – a crucial challenge” man overcomes its own weaknesses and by aggression and determination to prove his superiority over the deadly creatures from outer space. In “Terminator 2″ empathy and the ability to forgive allow the heroes triumph over machines of the future. It is no different in “Titanic,” where nature, sending the ship to the bottom, but apparently verifies the divine aspirations of homo sapiens. Failure of the mind is also a triumph of feelings. So when Leo insists he does not regret a single moment he spent on board the “Titanic”, we have no reason to disbelieve him.

Titanic, 5.3 out of 7 based on 959 ratings
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